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Dear Cumberbitches,


You're welcome.

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hahaha! Well, I'm sure this will brighten E's day quite a bit.


This morning, I was all, MAN I do not feel like going to work. But I will look for a still image of Sherlock with the crop, because if that is my desktop background, it will totally mean I can get through this week.

I couldn't find a screencap big enough for my desktop though (the downside of a 27" screen) but I found that. HA! Hahahahahaa.

Guess I'm going to have to borrow the disc from E so I can make my own goddamned screencap.

help a sister out.
wtf is going on here?

I hope you are proud to have scored the WTF animal. I think he's very special, indeed. :)

I'm so proud! I love the WTF animal. I can't decide if it's a gummy worm or has sheep's wool on it. It's got so much WTF going on.

This is a gif from the first episode of the new season of BBC's Sherlock show. In this scene, he gets drugged by Irene Adler, who beats him with a crop to get her cellphone back. Then it turns erotic for the briefest of moments and someone was kind enough to make the interwebz a gif of that moment. A moment I was trying to memorialize on my desktop, but had to settle for gif instead.

Look at how starched that collar is!!

Look at how starched that collar is!!
indeed, looks still as a board. :)

Wait, is that Guy Pierce in that icon?

Yanno, Cumberbatch doesn't light my fire but I do love me some male submission :) Thanks!

Ehehhehe happy to oblige! For me, it's a 1-2 hit. Wee! :D

sorry for the delay - so much sherlock bbc slash. it was dominating my friends page and i missed everyone else's stuff - had to remove the sherlock. love the pic, though! i have also been looking for a good background with sherlock.

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