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What You Would Know; Made Visible
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I started this account in 2004. I downloaded everything and nuked it in 2011, but resurrected it not long after.

I am an artist. I have a BFA and an MFA in Conceptual Art. I also hold a degree in Audio Engineering. It's hard to say what I love learning more, art or signal flow.

In my professional life, I have mashed those loves together. I make films for a city government and I photograph weddings. I also freelance as a videographer, producer/director and a photographer.

I post about once a month now, maybe twice. I don't have a lot of time but periodically my brain feels so full, I have to put it all somewhere. Those entries are intense and long, sometimes full of revelation or insight, sometimes just full of their own angst. I feel like 10 years ago when I was using LJ regularly, the insights came faster. I think this has less to do with the regularity of my LJ use and my current lack of time to disconnect and unwind.

Disconnecting and unwinding has always been particularly hard for me. Current social media gives me more social anxiety than anything. Thus I've deleted a lot of current social media from my life (my phone) and am placing a priority on disconnecting and unwinding (and also barre work and possibly a return to swordfighting) for 2017.

My best work truly comes from an environment of healthy disconnection and relaxation.

Here we are. And here we go.

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